I've been in the synth world since 1990. This is my first Eurorack.

With exception of the Erica Quantizer, all modules have been purchased and only four are still on order (O_C, Tempes, Noise Tools, Pittsburgh Sequencer).

Please beat this rack to a bloody pulp. All criticism are welcomed. I will probably expand into another 108 Intellijel case within a year... oh Eurocrack addiction. My logic is a high-low approach. For example, I have a "simple" oscillator and filter, and then a more complicated one. I have a few multi-use modules, but any function I plan on using a lot is duplicated by a dedicated module as well. I haven't made use of the FH2 yet. I want to stay inside the case as much as possible as I'm learning my way around and experimenting.

The modules I am willing to pull from the case and set-aside for the next case are the Fold Processor, and pretty much all of the 3U Intellijel stuff.

I have about 50 or so patch cables with a healthy amount of them being stackables.

ModularGrid Rack

10/10. Your experience definitely pays off here. The only thing I think I would do differently would be the placement on the Tiptop Fold, with my preference for that being between the Rubicon2 and Morgasmatron. Dual QuadrATTs is also a good touch on the tile row. You did build this as a 104 hp rig, though...right?

LOL... Title corrected to 104. I moved the Tiptop Fold to the end because I don't use it that often. I wanted my VCAs a little closer. I can use long cables to get in and out of it when I want it. I had to take some consideration because the depth of the Intellijel case in the lowest row sits right above the power supply. So only really shallow modules work there. If the legs on the case were reversable, I'd flip the case upside down. Thanks for the comment! Appreciated.

maybe try out placing the 2hp modules between bigger modules to get better playable accessibility to the knobs
im currently going crazy fiddling around my 2hp mix and 2hp verb ''twiddling'' the knobs :-(

Thanks Dennis! I have big hands so I thought about that when installing. But I tend to set-n-forget the effects or let CV do the work. So the tight squeeze is okay.

I'm probably going to drop the wave-folder out and replace it with a precision adder, a buffered mult, and a Compare Two all from Joranalogue. I should have the spacing to do that. I'll save the wave-folder for the next case. The Disting can handle precision adding for the meantime until the Joranalogue stuff comes out. This is getting expensive. :)

I have 2x quadratts and a Noise tools, and I can vouch that it makes a pretty sweet 1U row!! :-)

Ok, now just for thought...

I very recently managed to make myself a Poti in only 2HP of 1U space (and I see you have a 2HP gap). This didn't even require soldering to assemble, mainly you have to very carefully drill 3 holes in a blank panel using a template.

As for the dual ADSR, if you wanted to free up some more space.. You could go for a Doepfer A140-2 8HP 2XADSR. I've personally been eyeing the upcoming Doepfer A-142-2 which is 2x AR envelopes+VCAs with ducking, in only 8HP (bonus, you get more VCAs!).

Well, that'd make 9HP more to play with. Rather than going super-high-density, you could use the HP to replace some of those really tiny 2HP modules with bigger and better of the same.