hi! wanted to ask opinions about my setup. any critique and suggestions are most welcome!
ModularGrid Rack

isn't the 4ms VCA matrix a little bit oversized for a ''smaller'' case? i would use the mutable veils or another HP saving quad VCA. Other than that an attenueverter for the E350 is essential. I am using a Z.lob attenumixer. works just right. Im planning on getting a Erbeverb myself, drooling over the demos :-D
drone on boi!

Hey thank you for the feedback. As a total beginner i really appreciate it. Will definitely look at the other quad vca to replace it. And what would you suggest for the remaining spaces?

CV-able waveshaping, perhaps? Tiptop's Fold is a nice choice, plus it gives you some suboctave dividers to add more low-end to the drone textures. And I have to agree about the multiple attenuverter...it'll come in handy for more than just the E350, too. Happy Nerding's 3X MIA might not be a bad choice, as it can also use its three attenuverter sections as separate 2-1 mixers, and each section can also do offsets, all in 6 hp.

Thank you dennis123 & Lugia. I have manage to update the rack and watch the videos about Tiptop's Fold. Very very nice module. I've arrange it and feel free to take a look. Not 100% sure about the layout but feel free to comment on it. Thanks!
Not sure why the rack is not updated when i previewed it here. Have to make another copy.
ModularGrid Rack