ModularGrid Rack

I have slowly been building my rack after starting off with a Minibrute 2s and 6U Rackbrute. So far I have about half of these modules installed or on order. It was a lot of fun building the VCA, Glitch Drum, and O_C modules (I have a decent working background in audio and electronics). I have not yet purchased the Morphagene, Contour, or BIA yet. I'm looking at upgrading my soundcard to a Motu Ultralite Mk4 and using the envelope follower as an effects loop. I realized that the Ultralite will output AC and DC signals at Eurorack levels, so the envelope follower is not entirely necessary. What I am ultimately after is a setup that will allow me to create a mix between ambient / atmospheric vibes, over short but evolving musical patches. I am going to count 2 VCO's from the Minibrute, 1+1 from the Cloud Terrarium, and another from any of the BIA, Glitch Drum, or Disting modules. In my head I am thinking of using the Contour to trigger stages of the song progression and specifically chose it for the longer envelope duration that it's capable of. My current DAW is FL Studio, and since starting out with my rack I have been using it only to record and sometimes send sync over USB to the Minibrute so that I can add an extra track within the DAW. I'm thinking of adding a Beatstep Pro, since I find the Minibrute a bit cumbersome to use for programming multiple tracks. My feeling with this plan so far is that I might want another filter, and I might end up dropping the Euclidean Circles. I may also try out another DAW such as Reason.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or substitutions that I should consider? Do I have to fit a slew limiter in here?

ModularGrid Rack

Hmm.. this view of the rack in the forum post isn't the correct version of my rack. It changes when I click on the link.

First up, check out Bitwig. I've been hearing a lot of praise for it as something of a 'simpler Ableton', plus it's competitively priced. Also, while Reason seems attractive, I still hear occasional gripes about timing issues from users, although my bet on their problems are that they stem from a computer issue and not necessarily the software. Even so, the tendency makes me a bit jinky of Reason. Bitwig also gives you a more traditional DAW framework, allowing smooth VST integration, which gets into the next part...

Get Silent Way and an Expert Sleepers ES-8. This would then allow you to directly address the modular from within the DAW in CV/gate/trig terms, plus allow four return channels for audio and/or control 'feedback' to the DAW of synth activity. In a small rig with this much architectural complexity, the ES-8 would prove very useful, especially with its ability to reconfigure on the fly via Silent Way + DAW calls.

That's not bad for starters...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll certainly check out Bitwig. And re the ES-8 or ES-3 I'm thinking that this could be a possibility, while the Motu as a first step could give me a taste of that type of integration.

MOTU and Bitwig is a solid choice for modular integration because MOTU interfaces can output DC voltage and Bitwig has native plugins build in which are very similar to Silent Way.

Now I am seriously thinking of replacing the pre / env follower with an ES-8 and getting Bitwig.