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Hello world. This is my rack now. Outside the rack I have a make noise 0 coast. What modules should I add now? Some must have doepfers? Maths? I'm interested in drones and ambient. Thank you very much for helping a noob.

I'd reccomend some modulation and a second sequencer for more patch variation. Something like the qubit octone would add variation to the mother sequencer. For modulation, maybe something like a Pam's new workout if you don't hate menus, or disting if you really don't hate menus. Maths is is hands on and really useful, but there are other dual function generators out there. I've been looking at the blue lantern spore generator and thinking it looks interesting. There's also the sin phi miasma, and the befaco rampage (sliders > knobs) . The ways to use these are endless, but the logic sections are great for creating quasi repeating phrases of cv that sort of sound the way you expect melodies to sound. Paired with a quantizer you can "play" the thing and get immediate musical results. Maths is great because you can attenuate those signals before you compare them, giving you a lot of control.

This is a cool lecture I saw this morning that has some interesting approaches to sequencing in euro by South Coast Modular. It's pretty interesting and may give you some ideas of what direction you might want to go.

Hello flaminggarlic, thank you for your tips, I’ll look for modulation modules, what do you think about batumi and the pittsburgh modular lifeform micro sequence? Nice video, rich of ideas, thank you.

Modulation sources, definitely hands down.
DivKid did a great video on the Vector Space. If I had the space, I'd get one. It should give you some interesting results when combining modulation sources. The Batumi is fine. But I sound like a broken record on the forums when I say to get the Poti along with it. You won't have to fuss with the jumpers on the back if you want LFO shapes like triangles, saws, etc.

If you'll be working with volts per octave, you may want to get a buffered mult and possibly an adder (for accurately summing CV).

Here's the video for the Vector Space.

Lots missing here: modulation sources (envelopes, function gens, LFOs), extra VCOs to thicken up the M32's VCO sound, VCAs (both linear for CV work and exponential for audio), perhaps a reverb (not counting Clouds here, but something like a spring), some expansion to the sequencing as well as more clock modulation/logic to create variation.

I'd strongly suggest that move #1 be the removal of the M32 from the cab, though...put it back in its own skiff, if you have it handy. The build you're doing here is in a cab that's really too small to support 60 hp of it being taken up by that one device. Open that space up for more, then I think a lot of the options I and others have mentioned will happen a lot more smoothly.

Thank you all for your tips. Ok Lugia so move #1 done: m32 is back in its case. Now outside my doepfer case I have the m32 and the 0-coast. What now? what module do I absolutely need considering my budget at the moment is 300/400 euros? Are doepfer LFOs good? I was looking at dooepfer A-145 LFO and A-156 QNT or should i look for something different? Do I need the erica synth Mscale for m32 and 0-coast?

Yeah, the MScale is definitely a must for controlling the M32 with the Eurorack and vice-versa. Next, I think beefing up the modulation capabilities is key here. Doepfer's A-143-1 gives a lot of options for that, plus it comes in very cheaply at 169EUR, which takes us to 229EUR.

Then, I think something that allows you to beef up the M32's sound is going to be critical, namely another VCO. Sticking with Doepfer (best value for function if you're in Europe, I think), the A-110-1 at 117EUR is a decent choice. You don't need anything super-fancy, really, just some different waveforms, sync, and CV mods. So, 346EUR, within your budget frame.

And yeah, Doepfer stuff is just fine. It's rather basic, but when you need basic, it more than fills the bill. Dieter did these things right, that they're what kicked all of this modular craziness back into gear some 20+ years ago!

Thank you again Lugia so this ModularGrid Rack is the point where I am. (Mother 32 and 0coast outside the case). Am I going in the right direction? More tips for future modules? Thank you

Looking decent, yep...maybe next, some linear VCAs, so that you can use your modulation sources to control CV-type levels. If you're not averse to DIY, there's this new dual VCA from Majella Audio that not only has the usual in/out/CV points, but also a second 'velocity' CV point which can also be used for any sort of secondary modulation signal, making it possible to easily add an extra amplitude modulation layer to CVs (or audio) in addition to the usual one. Spare attenuverters of some sort would be a good idea as well, so you can scale CVs as well as invert things such as envelopes, etc. In both cases, these would play nicely with the whole rig, not merely the Euro cab itself.

Hi Lugia, I'm here again. Can you please tell me if there is something wrong with the following configuration? I decided to keep outside the case any sequencer. Don't have space for a vca. Is that a bad thing? Thank you again for your help!
ModularGrid Rack

Yeah, definitely a bad thing, since VCAs are what's used to control amplitude levels. Exponential VCAs tend to be used with audio signals, while linears work well for both audio and CVs, although to process CVs the VCA has to be DC-coupled. AC-coupled VCAs are only for use with audio signals. VCAs are one of the essential parts, basically.

Here's an idea: swap out the A-138 mixer for a Bubblesound VCA4p. This fits in the same space, but it gives you four VCAs, switchable between linear and exponential, with mixing capabilities plus the ability to use the VCAs independently of the mix function. Since you have a minimal amount of audio paths here, you could jumper this to be a two-input mixer on VCAs 3/4 and have VCAs 1/2 set up as independent VCAs for processing CVs. That way, you retain your mixing function AND get VCA control over CV modulation.

After selling my op1 and buying mahts and erbe verb from a friend (also added z3000) this is what I've got now (this is the real situation of my case at present):

ModularGrid Rack

now I have to wait a bit for future modules. How's the situation going now? what can I add in my future buying list?
Thank you very much for your help and for your patience

hello, I'm here again asking for help. So this is my rack at the moment (outside I have always M32 and 0 coast) Am I missing something essentialnow? what could I add? pam's? EG?
ModularGrid Rack