Another misadventure into ridiculous-costing-rigs land...

This all started after seeing a case like this:
3 7 4 DJ Workstation Case

I was thinking how neat it would be to use this case as a eurorack workstation! Since this is a disc jockey case, it would need some kind of catchy new name: Mod Jockey! Can't tell if that's terribly cliché or kind of clever (all my best ideas ride this fine line).

So the eurorack modules will sit in the very top portion of the workstation (where the LCD monitors are in the image). But that's only 3U so my 1U modules will actually sit directly below in the rack unit closest to the top portion. Using Synthrotek's 1U eurorack bracket. Hopefully this slight angle between the 1U and the 3U modules will not be an issue for ergonomics.

What will the remaining 6U of slanted rack space be used for?
Mode Machines Seq-12

The Mode Machines SEQ12 is a 6U 19" rack-mountable sequencer. The SEQ12 has 3 MIDI outputs and they can be put into "CVFASTMODE" which sends MIDI data at a much faster rate (not sure if this will work with the Bastl 1983 or not, I'm also interested in exploring the Hexinverter Mutant Brain for this purpose). My plan is to use one MIDI output for the 1983, one for the Treadstone and another will go to my external daisy-chained gear.

The 4 rack units at the very bottom will have a 3 rack unit mixer of some kind and a 1 rack unit compressor. These will let me master the sound just a bit while performing live. The Analogue Solutions RP08 will be used as a "trunk" connecting my eurorack to my mixer from inside the case (saves me some HP from a true mixer module and avoids extra patch cable clutter heading into the case).

So, about $2,500 for the eurorack modules, another $400 for the case (including the eurorack brackets), the SEQ12 is $1100 iirc and the mixer and compressor will set me back at least another grand. So about $5,000 for this whole rig all things considered (which I still haven't considered a power supply!)....I must be dreaming...