Hello! I had an idea back in July for something smaller, but after months spent with my Pittsburgh Lifeforms 101 system I feel like I have a somewhat better sense of what I'm hoping to do, but with plenty I'm unsure about.

I'm looking to create big droney soundscapes and some melodic lines -- not leads as much as semi-random lines that could augment a larger piece of music strung together in a DAW. Both would have plenty of modulation and movement options, ideally.

I'm excited by the Cold Mac and Vector Space, but not sure how well they'd play together. And I'm not sure if I'm over/underdoing certain things, like if certain modulation sources are redundant or if I'm missing some type of module that this system is screaming out for.

I own the Wogglebug, o_C, the uVCA, and Clouds (which I'm considering selling). This is planned for the Intellijel 7u case.

Let me know if I totally whiffed here. Thanks!

No, actually, this makes a lot of sense, particularly if you retain the Clouds. Selling that would sort of cripple the idea that seems to be going on here.