Hi there - I have a Mother 32 and DFAM and am considering buying an Artruria Rackbrute 6U to store both modules and add a few new ones for effects processing. What I'm thinking of adding is a: (1) 4ms Dual Looping Delay, (2) Erbe-Verb, (3) Disting mk4, (4) Intellijel uScale, and (5) a buffered mult. Am I missing anything, and does this setup make sense? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Placing your semi-modulars in the rack looks convenient. But you're denying yourself access to future modules. You'll probably find yourself pulling one or both of the Moogs out of the rack eventually.

What are using to mix signals?

Perhaps you might consider an Intellijel 104 7U case? You'll have more room for growth as well as access to the 1U space for mixers (like the Quadratt), noise/slew generators, etc.