I'm new to Modular Grid, so please bear with me.
I have the rack shown and need to fill the spare 8hp with something good.
Any recommendations on modules that are small but pack a punch?



It depends what music you want to do but I will remove the multiple (you can use stackable or others) and I will put a VCA (like a µVCA II) and a random.

Thanks - yes, removing the mult to make space sounds like a good idea.

I'm making folktronica (for want of a better term) with guitar and beats synced through Ableton.

I went through the modules. You want to sync up with Ableton but the interface you have doesn't seem capable of generating clocks. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Perhaps you might want to consider replacing the A-190 with an Expert Sleepers FH-2? That will give you eight universal outputs you can use for CVs, gates, AND clocks. However it's 2HP larger than what you have... 8HP.

If you can squeeze in the FH2 + 8HP, I would get a micro Ornaments And Crime. It has several different programs that might be useful as well as a dual sequencer that can output control voltages, gates, even envelopes, and sync'ed to clock.

If you're not changing your set-up, I would consider an Expert Sleepers Disting mk4. That'll give you a lot of options as well.

I own the modules I brought up.

I'm using a regular MIDI signal to fire the gate out on the A-190, which then triggers the Rene. Seems to work OK, Although you are right, some more complex clocks would make things more interesting.