Cramming a Synthrotek skiff full of modules to incorporate with the rest of my setup. I've got a TTSH (ARP 2600 clone), a LifeForms and a Doepfer Dark Time and I'm looking for a way to kill two birds with one stone (or in this case an 84 hp skiff) by adding some drums into the mix, integrating things more smoothly between systems and getting some more complex textures.

Here are the problems/limitations I'm running into:
a) Gotta do in with ten modules. At 84 hp I don't really want to get a power module for the sake of a couple 2hps.
b) I don't think the Hendrikson or the Quantizer will fit in my skiff. The skiff has a portion on the right hand side where there's no power strip on the bottom but I don't want to try it.

Here are my questions:
a) Should I just get a bigger case (The question mark on this keyboard doesn't work. Punctuation trigger warning)
b) I'm not 100% settled on a VCA yet; I like the Intellijel Linix but that's a crowded market and if I can get one that I can patch more signals into it would be helpful.
c) Any suggestion for replacements for the ADDAC Intuitive Quantizer and the Hendrikson

That's about it. If anybody sees some missed opportunities or knows how to set up a good modular drum machine I am all ears, buddy.