Because the traffic is still pretty low here, I should probably just post my stuff in a single thread that I can just add to. I tried to edit the title of one of the existing ones, but I wasn't able to. So forgive me posting one more, which at this point, contains stuff that I did this weekend.

these are soundcloud 'playlists', so they should keep on playing through the tracks. If they don't (which would happen to some people on mw), let me know.

Amazing Fantastic Shriek Battalion

Blinky Blinky Scream Scream

Now you can come HERE to ignore my tracks!

Hey, turnabout is fair play! ;-)

OK, I just plunged myself deep into your slippery zombie love! I really like this swirling nightmarish soundscape. And wow, Reverse mouse mercantilism sounds great too! Reminds me a bit of middle 70's period King Crimson.

How have you been? I hope you are well. Life is hard and totally fucked up for me at the moment.

John, out of context, the sentence 'I just plunged myself deep into your slippery zombie love' is somewhat hilarious.

Thank you for the nice comments! Sorry to hear that things are not going well.

I should mention that I calculated the combined force of the set to be sufficient to unleash a million years of happiness on earth. But obviously I underestimated the forces of EVIL.

hhhm, I never thought about it before, but maybe evil's greatest power is people perpetually underestimating it? :-(

Excuse my spam: Need any gear, like a Supernova rack, Rapco 8-Pack 10' drop snake or Manley mono Enhanced Pultec EQ (early version, see history section here ) Make me a reasonable fire sale-ish offer if interested.

I fucked your mother's dog in hell.....

fs: intellijel rubicon $265, dixie control $65
Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller $220
These are prices shipped to the continental US. I pay fees.

I love these tracks! The 10 tracks of "I fucked your mothers dog in hell" deserves to be released as an album.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks! I'm hoping to have an album released soon - had it all arranged, but the guy who owns the label seems to have taken a bit of a sabbatical.

A Warning to all Conscious Beings,

Consists of 4 tracks.

Hitler torments the baby Jesus
A warning to all conscious beings
Address to the citizens of Muffwiggler
The slow beheading of Nelson Baboon

Use your mind as a fungicide

Universal Torment Interpreter

Oh, please, shiny horned one,
Hear my submission to your eternal agony.

This set was constructed pretty much entirely with the prophet 2.

Stray toilets, baboons, and string instruments are processed through it at various times in history.

Revenge of the naked dead
I can smell you scream
Universal torment interpreter
Analysis of the pygmy baboon mating ritual
Your death is very important to us
Shlock and awe
I am the creator of zombie love
The naked dead explain their horrible smell
I can smell you think
Draining the mind of the disease

I love folk music, and studied the music of zombies when I was in college. This set is based on that old zombie folk hymn, 'I ain't gonna gnaw on Momma's brain no more', one of my favorites.

This is mostly violin through cocoquantus into the pro 2 audio in. Eurorack plays a supporting role....

Track list (in current order):
The end of silence
I ain't gonna gnaw on Momma's brain no more
Can you sing, Father Time?
He sat idly by, disinterested, as the universe was created
Spleen saver
Scream clever, scream dark

Not sure if this will frighten away the zombies or lure them...

You hired me because you said that you didn't have enough zombies here. You better pay me, punk.

I clearly said Ladies not Zombies!

Oh, shit! I get them confused sometimes. Sorry!

The thoughts that hide madness,
Can you find them, Father?
Your tumors grow restless,
and your thoughts grow wild....

Just excellent. I love the initial track.

We do not negotiate with existentialists.

Being is a biological problem.
Live with it, punk

The king's parrot is dead.
that's no excuse for what He did.
The king is an asshole, punk.

Screaming in the key of EVIL,
I noticed that your mind was slightly askew

You have a new bill from Satan.
You gonna pay it punk, or do I have to eat your ancestors?

Ancient Mind Dwellers,
An innocent journey into HELL

Vampire of temptation...
sink your porcupine into my testicles, naked punk battalion

You have a new bill from Satan.
You gonna pay it punk, or do I have to eat your ancestors?

-- Nelson Baboon

Cool, does this violin pizzicato thing also come from the modular?

Ancient Mind Dwellers,
An innocent journey into HELL

-- Nelson Baboon

Jesus, Nelson, it's chrismas

Vampire of temptation...
sink your porcupine into my testicles, naked punk battalion
-- Nelson Baboon

That's in a strange way enjoyable. The track, not your testicle battalion. Glad I have no idea what this means, anyway.

"Sometimes a violin pizzicato is just a violin pizzicato" Sigmund Freud

Hitler sings at his own damnation....
"Oh, I'm sorry I was so bad, bad, bad
The things I did make me so sad, sad, sad
If you just give me another chance, I'll make you proud of me,

Turd soup with human thoughts....
Who's afraid of the big baboon, the big baboon, the big baboon
who's afraid of the big baboon, so fucking late in the history of the universe?
I'll fucking rip your ass out through your eyebrows, punk, and all ye who doubt me.

Satan's tender love embrace.
We are all Satan.

Why am I here in your mind? How do I get out? This is the true terror....

Professor of baboon history
In the beginning there was the tail. Mind grows in rancid. Long chains of idiocy, leading to terror. Peace.