I've noticed a lot of one off, custom DIY modules and alternate panels for other modules, or modules that aren't yet available at all. I always make my modules unlisted unless im making them somehow available as a product. I feel like the ppl making these listings probably just dont realise the 'unlisted' button is there. So wouldn't it make more sense to default it to unlisted? ofc if they really wanna show off their custom blank panels they can just go edit and change it ay.

Please for the love of god. It's such a mess.

Please also:

  • Make "Show other/unknown Modules" unchecked by default
  • Or make it a setting.

Some of the problem, I think, comes down to users who post modules and don't make a selection as to whether a module is "currently available", "concept/prototype", or "discontinued". If people would show a lot more discipline about doing that when posting something new, then it would be easy to use that existing filter to deselect the unwanted entries.

Using the "currently available" filter in searches does help some...but then one runs into the issue of modules that are definitely available but not labelled as such. Again, this is a user issue as I note above.

reidv does make a good point, also...if you're posting something that was a one-off and which is only in your rig, definitely use that "unlisted" checkbox unless you actually plan on making said module(s) available for sale.