Started with one Intellijel 7U 104HP case.
I just ordered a second and some modules to go in it.

The first pic is what I will have by end of next week.

Here is the final after I sell some more plasma and eat some more Ramen.

I want to be able to put a foot into ambient tracks as well as some edgy sounds via the Noise Engineering modules. At this point I'm not looking to put together a complete composition inside the box, but build up the basis of tracks and add percussion and arrange in Ableton. I might pick up the Behringer 808 once it comes out at the price point of $400.

I really love the Quadratts for attenuation, attenuverting, as well as manual modulation sources. The knobs are just big enough. This is helpful especially when wanting to manually control any of the 2HP modules with their tiny, tiny pots.

Whatchathink? All comments welcome regardless of perspective.