Hey All,

So it will be obvious I'm a modular synth newbie in a second: What is the functional difference between




? There's about CAN$100+/- diffrence between the two.


Mutable Instruments made Braids and then discontinued it. Mutable has a policy of open-sourcing (or similar) a lot of their code. The Mutable stuff is great but the modules tend to be a bit large. Since there is an open-door policy 3rd parties have redesigned the module to fit in a smaller space, made 3rd party circuit boards and plates available for purchase as well. So you could go to an electronics supplier, buy all the parts, buy the PCB boards and plate, and literally make your own copy of a Braids unit (the code is available to program into it as well).

Most people would rather just buy a module than get handy with a soldering iron and burn their fingers.

Okay... now to your question:

There shouldn't be any real difference between the modules except price. Granted there may be some difference in the quality of parts, quality of workmanship or non-essential features. The layout is also a little different though the functionality should be the same. The Tall Dog version also claims to be endorsed by someone over at Mutable... I'm not sure if that's worth the $75 price difference... as in I don't have the answer to that question.

I just ordered a Michigan Synthworks uBraids II from Detroit Modular for the $250 price. It gets here next week. I like that it has a couple of faders on it instead of knobs... which I like for real-time wiggling. Contact me in a couple of weeks if you want to know how I like it.


Mind you, Mutable actually revised their Braids module as the much newer and more capable Plaits. That should also be an option you might want to consider.