Pretty new to modular here.
I've just started my way into this with a Ants! and a Digitakt for some sampling, percussion, sequencing function.
I have finally put some money on the side to start to expand Ants! but even if i have a desktop mixer because some space issue i was thinking to sell it to go modular instead.
Now, I've checked that i would be able to get probably a 0 coast as a second osc and a Field kit fx as a mixer and mangler, i think i would have enough to fund that.
I'm wondering, though, if any mixer module could carry the digitakt line or not.
Do you think it could be easily done just from digitakt outs to any mixer module in, or i necessarily need an interface like intellijel i/o or others to do that?
And anyway, what u think about using modular mixers in general?
Personally i find really interesting the idea of a driven cv mixer for experimenting on performances but i still have a too limited knowledge.
I've looked for my answer in sooo many threads but they re almost all about the contrary, so modular trough desktop mixers, or about desktop synth through modular fx, is there any difference with mixer than fx?
I'm still a bit confused.
Moreover, i was adopting the idea of a field kit fx as well because his mixer capability, is stated on Koma site ''4 Channel Mixer with VCA’s and tone control'', does this means that any vca could possibly act as a mixer?