Only 1 State is used, with Audio Rate Leading Tempo set by DATA (920 BPM).

Channel Configuration:
4 channels total (5-6 are muted)
1 & 4 are ON, Mod-disabled
2 & 3 are ON, Mod-enabled

Program Edit (Mod) Page:
Shift is OFF (CH. 4 unlit)
Run/Stop is set to Run/Stop Mode (CH. 5 red)
Run/Stop is Toggled (CH. 6 unlit)

Colour Scheme

Tempi Outputs
- Long Green

Data Tempo Output
- Short Black

Ears Gate Out into Buff Mult CH. 1, and CH. 1 Outputs
- Input & output 2 are Long Yellow
- output 1 is Short Yellow

Quad VCA 4/MIX Out into Buff Mult CH. 2, and CH. 2 Outputs
- Purple Stackcable

M32 VCA Out
- Medium Red

ADSR Out to M32 Buff Mult, and Outputs
- Mult In, Output 1 are Medium Blue
- Mult Output 2 is Medium Grey

Dixie II to Cinnamon CV In
- Medium Orange

Maths to Rings 1v/oct
- Short Green

Rings ODD Out
- Short Grey

Cinnamon Lowpass Out
- Short Black