Tempi Parameters
- Default Bank 1 State 5: Clock Divider Even
- Leading Tap Tempo Enabled, but Tempo is fed in this case by M32 Assign Out (sending clock rate pulses, M32 Assign Setting #2)

Disting Parameters
- H7 Noise
- 2 Simple Blended Noise outputs from A and B
- Would have liked to have a Second Disting, in order to use one for Noise and another for MIDI-to-CV until I am comfortable with using the Mutant Brain.
- Noise Lengths are modified manually by the Fall parameters on Channels 1 and 4 of Maths

Colour Scheme

Tempi Channel Outs
- Purple Stackcables

M32 Assign Out (Tempo) into Tempi
- Long Black

Disting Outs
- A is Medium Yellow
- B is Long Yellow

Dixie II + Rings Outputs
- Medium Yellow

Cinnamon, Peaks Outputs
- Short Yellow

Maths Unity Channel Outputs
-Short White

Quad VCA 4/MIX Out and Mix 3 Out
- Short Orange

The purpose for this patch was to derive as many Drum sounds as can fit in the available 6 Summed Audio Outputs on the Modular (4 from Quad VCA+2 Additional on Mix 3).

More simultaneous drum sounds are possible if Mother 32, Plaits, and an additional Disting are used, but these may not be as modulatable as there are no remaining VCA's (other than simple ones using Maths Channels 2 and 3).

Sending simple noise into the Quad VCA with closed Amplifiers, and CVing with Channels 1 and 4 of Maths is particularly effective for expressive changes in "snare" drum length (can then use Peaks as a Hi-Hat). To create a better composition, program and sequence States using Planar 2 as an anchor to bring you back to State 1 ("Chorus" State).