Planar 2 Settings

  • Recorded Joystick movement: quite erratic mostly horizontal motion
  • X out goes to the Modify Input (Y) on Disting F5 algo (Shift Register Random CVs), so that the bit in the shift register flips when a Gate is sensed from the Planar 2

Tempi Settings

  • CH.1 x2 w/ Phase offset forward (Variable Clock Multiplier Fine)
  • CH. 2 x3

Disting Settings

F5 Algorithm: Shift Register Random CVs
- Z knob is at centre

Peaks Settings

  • Expert Mode: TAP LFO + ENV ADSR
  • OUT1 Triggers OUT2 but the depth of this relationship is attenuated by M32 VC MIX

Colour Scheme

  • no specific colour scheme was used here, unfortunately

Recording (somewhat monotonous, but good to capture the patch nonetheless. They can't all be winners.)