Hi guys. By now i got all modules mounted except Pamela, disting and LxD. I´m not clear about the P.Workout... might get an 8hp ornament and crime instead... (advice on this?). Also frames and tides might leave the rack, as i got those in a cheap second hand ad (advice for replacement?) not really in my initial plan. Tides is so far my modulation source, and Frames my mixer, maybe parasites firmware could give them a new life, didn´t try yet, but i´m open to other things...
i´m happy with the others, but any suggestions would be more than welcome.
P.d. I know the pattern generator is wasting too much space there considering there´s many midi Sequencing options, but sometimes i just need some instant gratification in the melody line and i find it a good companion for now..

ModularGrid Rack

If you're thinking of getting rid of Frames due to it's large size you could replace it with the 8hp version (https://www.modulargrid.net/e/michigan-synth-works-planks-2), the sliders keep it very tweakable and you could open up 10hp for something else - maybe a delay such as the Chronoblob?

You may want to consider the micro our "u" versions of all of the Mutable Instruments stuff in order to save space. Michigan Synths Works stuff is available through retailers if you're not comfortable going to a freelance builder.

I'm not sure if the Ornaments & Crimes will give you a 1:1 replacement of the Pamela's New Workout. You may want to look into the Temps Utile module instead. Do the research between all three modules. Both O_C and TU are available as micro modules as well. 8HP each I believe.

Thanks guys. I think i will give a try to pams workout. The MU clones and O_C from Michigan synth works look lovely, but they don´t seem to be for sale in the common EU retailers i know.. I´ll keep and eye on those... i also thought of chronoblob , but as i have a few external delays, i will stay with clouds for now as my only in-box fx unit