hi modular freaks,

To all the Rainmaker owners: Is your module also quite noisy when turned to wet, even without something plugged into the inputs?

Greets to every1!

I have the same 'problem'. I don't know if it's normal...but i feel it's to much.
Did you find a solution meantime?

Hi guys,

I have the same problem, its highest at 114hz almost -7db, using uZeus, did anyone find the solution in the meantime?

Ok...so...Meanwhile I changed the cables from the module to the mixer with some of the better quality + above the Trigger button there is CLEAR button. Each time you change the preset,or you make some modifications, press Clear to clear the queue. It's way better now but i feel the problem is still not solved 100%. Also try to fix the module in the box as far from the source as you can.
I also exchanged some emails with intelijjel and they think it's from the dry/wet button and they gave me 2 options. 1. They offered to send me a new button to change it by myself..but i don't have the knowledge to do it.
2. Send it back to Schneiders Laden to do it.
They were very professional and easy to communicate.
I hope my post helps somehow...let me know.