Open to comments on any/all of this.... I have a few racks up on MG, feel free to compare, going more or less the same direction with most of them, with a few variations. Obviously going just for synthesis here, no sequencing or effects. I'm going for 8hp or less in as many modules as possible save for ones that seem unique. Based very loosely on my favorite modules in my current setup CLICK ON THIS TO SEE IT ALL ( ModularGrid Rack ) but in a 104x2 format. Especially want to know the best gate extractor is out there! Also anything about the Koma vactrol filter the PM Lifeforms Primary Osc. Is the Batumi worth the price? Tubbutec uTune? This is something I can't afford all at once, so I'll be picking away at it for awhile. I think there's a cheap SM Valve Multiplier near me, so that might be next unless one of you has a better version of the same (in 8HP).

If you're looking for gate extraction from CV, you may want to research Erica Synth's quantizer. I know it can output gates based on changes of incoming CV voltage. I don't have the model name.

You may also want to research Joranalogue's Compare 2. Perhaps its not exactly how you envisioned pulling gates, but could also be useful.

Thanks, I'll take a look. However I forgot to mention this would be more for getting gates from external audio; instead of an envelope follower I'd prefer to get a gate from the signal and use an envelope I already have for it. More flexibility that way!

Well, for a basic, straightforward envelope follower alone, you might check Ladik's E-510. But if you need more complex functionality, SSF recently kicked out a new module called the DETECT-Rx. It's about twice the price of the Ladik, but serves up some enhancements for the price.

Yes I saw the SSF, the ability to choose a frequency range from the input looks good. I've been trying to use my minibrute's gate extractor into my eurorack with a Tocante Karper for an input, and had lots of trouble. But anything that someone says they use and is reliable in lots of situations I'll look into. The Xaoc is probably overkill but I like that it has a line output as well.

I'm also thinking of the Doepfer 119 and Sputnik EF/Preamp for an ef. Wondering if there's some other good multimode filters other than the Koma, or a better waveshapeable vco other than the PM Primary.

The A-119 is probably the more cost-effective of the two. As for BOTH waveshapeable VCOs and a warped idea of what a filter is, Schlappi's Angle Grinder might be something you'd find entertaining. You get those, plus quadrature outputs which can come in handy when using the Angle Grinder as a phase-correlated modulation source.

The Angle Grinder seems pretty rad, though it's a bit big in hp and price for this rig. The 119 is cheapest and is probably as good as anything, so I'd go with that.

Aaannnnd right now I'm in multi vca land... If anyone has used and has opinions on the Sputnik Valve Mulitplier, Cynthia Octal, Doepfer 132-4, SSF Muton, Zlob Vnlcursal vca, Bubblesound Hex, please blip it here!