My first foray into the world of modular synthesis.
I am an enthusiastic amateur and enjoy creating synth soundscapes. Hoping to add some more interesting textures/sounds.
I currently use a mixture of plug in synths / vcv rack / korg minilogue and roland piano.
My research has led me to believe the modules in this rack would be a good starting point.
I plan to build my own rack using the doepfer A-100 DIY kit.
Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions would be most welcome (before I hand over any hard cash to dealers!)

Simple and basic...that'll work, actually. A couple of additions you might consider, though, would be an audio output module, a quantizer (definitely beneficial with the Rene2) of some type, and maybe the MakeNoise Tempi, as the Rene2 was designed to link with it for some extra timing trickery and it would be useful for triggering extra bits here and there. And while you're on a MakeNoise kick, why not put in a Pressure Points/Brains combo which can also work in tandem with the Rene2/Tempi to provide some direct hands-on control in addition to the Rene2's gives you an extra 4-step touch-controlled sequencer to beef up the control capabilities.

Cool. thanks for comments. yes will definitely add in audio out.and look at a quantizer. other make noise bits look useful too.

I agree that it would be useful with a clock to drive Rene. Your existing synths may already have one that you can use. In principle, any LFO will do. For more features, Tempi is a good choice. Another popular option is Pamela's NEW Workout.

I am not sure about the quantizer, though. Rene2 has a pretty good one built in, so that may not be as urgent.