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I have dangerously little idea what I'm doing and I'm 2/3rds the way through a bottle of red wine. Please don't call the cops...

Case would be a 3-tier jobby from Moog. I based the whole thing it one this:

Effects will be applied at the mixer (Eventide Space & Boss DD-550)

No, it's not the most impressive beast right now. Anything I need? A VCA?

All thoughts welcome!


Extra VCAs would be useful, suggestion would be to pull the buffered mult (you don't have enough destinations to cause a voltage drop that would necessitate one...use some stackcables or inline passive mults instead and save your space) and the blank and have a look at Malekko's's a dual VCA module with switchable functions for linear and exponential response, fits in 4 hp.

Thanks Lugia! OK, here's the updated set-up below. I'm looking to create some ambient/Autechre type stuff with a heap of randomness in there and plenty of scope for the unexpected. I'm wondering if I should maybe lose the marbles and sampler and go for something like this (below, below):

ModularGrid Rack
ModularGrid Rack

Nah, keep the Marbles. If you're shooting for that weird, jagged, tangential Autechre sort of direction, it'll help the whole rig (mis)behave in just the right ways. One point, though...move the P/S module to the left side to get it away from your audio sources (One, VCAs) in the top skiff to help avoid any noise that might sneak in through the P/S brick. This thing should sound crazy as hell, especially if you tandemed it with some sort of outboard granular processing.

BTW, what's that quarter-bent apple you've got in the thumbnail? It's a sharp look...

How's this look?

Re: the sampler, I was hoping for something that'd allow me to ‘slice and dice’ the samples in real time (hence my inclusion of the Morph). I'm guessing the TipTop Sampler is a little more basic than that. Not a biggie, tho...

I should also mention my other gear: Moog Sub 37, Korg Minilogue, Korg SQ-1 sampler, a bunch of Volcas, an Arturia KeyStep Pro, a Mackie 1202, chorus and compressor pedals. And a Lava lamp - without cv. ;) And the DFAM is under the tree for Xmas...

Re: the pipe, I'm not a big pipe guy by any means. Apart from synths, I'm also into motorcycles and blogging, and that was a pipe I purchased for a charity event called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. More here: - I like the idea of smoking a pipe, but sadly the actual act itself didn't live up to my expectations. I think I'll just stick to whisky...

ModularGrid Rack

This looks like a cool set-up!
I think the Malekko vca is out of production (at least the 4 HP version), so you would have to buy that one used.
An alternative could be to choose another quantizer, for example from Intellijel, Doepfer, or Topobrillo or the Penrose quantizer... lots of possibilities.
This way you could free some HP and then choose another Vca.

Anyways, seems like a cool set-up that will sound absolutely great!

Thanks Phineas! Great to have your point of view. And thanks for the complements, too. :)

At first I took yr comment to mean that a quantiser could replace the VCA, but I see what yr saying - I could go for a smaller hp quantiser and then free up some space for a bigger VCA. :)

Any recommendations for VCAs I should be looking at? Maybe something like this?

ModularGrid Rack

Or this?

ModularGrid Rack


Yes, nothing against the Malekko 4hp via; I just meant that you might have trouble finding one.
You can't go wrong with the Intellijel vca. Xaoc Tallin or the Malekko Vca in 6hp should also be nice.
I don't know the 2hp-vca, but this has the advantage to give you two additional vcas of course, which is nice...

Either the 2hp ones or the Intellijel. With the former, you get quantity. But the latter offers functionality in that you get summing and a variable response curve.

Thanks @phines @Lugia. Yr help is very much appreciated. Of course, it may all change in the actually execution of the plan. I'll be sure and come back here to show you the progress as it happens. Cheers! :D