any help would be appreciated but would this work out?

Yes...but have a look at this variation instead:
ModularGrid Rack
This changes the arrangement to help with signal/programming 'flow'...control left, output/final processing right, etc. I swapped out the Maths with a pair of A-171-2 VCSs, each of which is more or less half a Maths. This then allowed two more 2hp ADSRs, which will be useful for the A-135-2 Quad VCA Mixer to give you dynamic control over your outputs and/or the Clouds redux. No space for an output module, though, so you'll either have to run into an outboard attenuator or a mixer that can handle synth-level signals. Use a handful of inline mult widgets, and you're set!

Thank you.
I had the two 2hp Adsr originally and I can’t remember why I took them out. So basically I should get a 104hp and add an output. Thanks it’s very much appreciated

A 104 hp cab would work. Also, have a look at Erica's 126 hp offerings...they do a single row 126 hp case with a serious power supply (1.25A on both 12V rails) for not a helluva lot of money. Then you can add a few more widgets...bonus! ;)