This is the first patch involving Polyend Seq & Polyend Poly, where MIDI Out 1 from Seq goes to Poly, which transmits 6 Tracks on 6 MIDI Channels to various destinations around the Modular.

Seq Parameters
- Initially, 6 Tracks at full 32-step length (Tracks 7 and 8 OFF for visual convenience)
- Pattern 1-1 with all Tracks routed to Out1
- Tracks are arranged as follows:
1) Rings
2) Mother32
3) Bastl Cinnamon Cutoff CV
4) Hi-Hat from Plaits
5) Snare from Peaks
6) Kick from Peaks

- Since little is known about Seq (will study it in 2 months' time), achieved variation mostly by changing individual track lengths by odd and even values (should attempt Steevio's Primes approach as an exercise)
- Changing pitches for Rings and M32
- Velocity values for Track 3 Bastl Cinnamon Cutoff CV
- Varied Gate Lengths and Velocities for Mother 32

Colour Scheme

Track 1: Rings
- Long Red out from Poly (Gate & Pitch)
- Short Red out from ODD and EVEN to Quad VCA Inputs 1 & 2

Track 2: Mother 32
- Long Green out from Poly (Gate, Pitch, & Velocity)
- Medium Black from Dixie II to M32 LFO Rate

Track 3: Bastl Cinnamon
- Long Blue out from Poly (Gate)
- Short Blue out from Lowpass Out to Quad VCA Input 3

Track 4: Hi-Hat (Plaits)
- Long Black out from Poly (Gate)
- Short Black out to Quad VCA Input 4

Track 5: Snare (Peaks OUT2)
- Long Yellow out from Poly (Gate)
- Short Yellow out from Peaks OUT2 to MIX3 Signal Input A

Track 6: Kick (Peaks OUT1)
- Long Stackcable (Purple) out from Poly (Gate)
- Short White out from OUT1 to Audio Damage ADM10 Kompressor

Audio Routing - First Implementation of multi-tracking in a patch of mine

Quad VCA
OUT 1 -> Focusrite Input 1
OUT 2 -> Focusrite Input 2
OUT 3 -> Focusrite Input 3
OUT 4 -> Focusrite Input 4

ADM10 (Kick)
OUT -> Focusrite Input 5 (Back)

Mother 32
VCA OUT -> Focusrite Input 6 (Back)

Rings Modes = Monophonic, Modulated/Non-linear/Inharmonic Strings

Highlights: 3 Things
1) Many firsts including:
i. first patch with Polyend Seq+Poly
ii. first implementation of multi-tracking
iii. first time using ADM10 as a VCA for just one voice (Kick)
2) Seq felt very intuitive and fun to use

Things to Improve: 3 Things
1) Take more time with patching to improve Intentionality (perhaps setup the patch one night then finish, document and record with it on night number 2)
2) Try to use more modulation from within the rack (did not use Synthrotek ADSR, Maths, either Disting, Tempi, Planar 2, or much of the internal ASD envelope in Mother 32) (used a lot of effects and sidechaining within Ableton to compensate, which hurt the audio quality)
3) Rings still feels cumbersome, not sure yet how it fits in the overall sound of the instrument