This rack is real, it uses a Mother 32 as a core and adds modulations, fx, one VCO and one VCF as as well as random sources (S&H, Turing Machine) and 2 quantizers and 2 attenuverters. Multiples are distributed on all lines to ease patch settings.
I'm really happy of this rack that is coupled to a MiniBrute 2S, A Behringer Neutron, a Behringer Model D and a Roland Aira System 1m. A DrumBrute Impact is also not far from all this stuff. All synths are contrôles using USB or CV/Gate from either the Mother 32 (that is often used as a Midi to CV/Gate for the Eurorack itself), the MiniBrute 2S Sequencer or the machine itself (used as a Midi to CV/Gate) or the Doepfer Dark Time "analog style" sequencer (the device itself is digital but looks like an analog one).
All machines are connected to a FocusRite 18i.
Most used DAW for Eurorack recording, jam : Bitwig 2.x
Also used Ableton Live 10

Kasei No Hito
KNH / Labs