I have a problem and need your opinion. My NW2S - IO Unbalanced interface sends a noise on all 8 outputs, when I switch on my power supply the noise builds up to round about 500hz - 800hz.
I have a massive crosstalk from my Metropollis Seq. without any connections
I removed all modules from the rack.
power supply: ACL KAZU - NW2S - IO Unbalanced - avid db25 cable - crest analog desk

any ideas ??
Thank you

Are all of these devices being fed from the same AC source? Also, have you investigated a star-ground of your various devices to the mixer? A third question would be whether or not you have any excessive RF fields where you're working, as these can also bleed into power circuits and cause various degrees of mayhem.

Hi thanks for your response,
yes Mixer Analog and Eurorack have the same AC, no RF fields!
What you mean with star ground ? i found this one just for eurorack.


Star grounding is perhaps the best solution for persistent noise problems, IMHO. This consists of running separate grounding wires from your various chassis grounds (on a Eurorack, just attaching the wire to a front panel screw should suffice) and running them to a central ground point, usually on the mixing console. This has the effect of creating a single, unified groundplane across all of your gear, and this quite often is a suitable fix for noise and garbage signals lurking in other subsystems within your studio or rig. Note that it's not 100% necessary to run individual wires from each device; for example, if you have a rack of processors mounted on metal rackrails, attaching a single wire from one of the mounting screws to your grounding point is sufficient. The key is to unify all of your chassis grounds, which gets any electronic garbage to drain off to a single point which is designed for that purpose. If you check the backplane of your Crest desk, you should see a ground-post on there...that's where everything should be wired to to make this work.

thanks, helpfull