ModularGrid Rack
This is an established rack.
The modules that I'm about ready to add are the following:
1010 Music Bitbox
Befaco Dual Attenuverter
Joranalogue Switch 4
Tiptop Audio Z4000NS
Intellijel USB Power 1U (2)

I'm mostly creating pitched sequences. But I'm wanting to branch out into some ambient textures as well. I'm not looking to produce full songs on modular. I'll probably arrange in a DAW.

A Happy Nerding PanMix will probably end up in the rack eventually. Are there any other utility type of modules I might be missing at this stage? There's more stuff on the wishlist but I wanted you to chime in. Your opinion is always respected.

Actually, yeah, a couple of things come to mind. You might consider a VC Polarizer such as the Doepfer A-133 for changing envelope (and other) polarities in lock with other modulation. Might be very entertaining to have a filter envelope switching back and forth from positive to negative polarity in sequence, f'rinstance. Joranalogue's Dual Window Comparator is a nice fit with sequencing, also, allowing CVs above/below/in window to fire gates that can be used to add further complexity to sequencing. And a bit of Boolean Logic can work with that as well, turning things off and/or on depending on comparator vs clock states. And maybe one more filter, namely the Tiptop Forbidden Planet. The Steiner Synthacon had a wonderfully raucous filter, and this does a good job of nailing its feel in minimal hp.

Not 100% sold on the PanMix, only get CV over level on that. Have a look at the Toppobrillo Stereomix instead; the size is good, plus you have CV over level, pan, and FX send, and the 'Cue' function can be used as a second FX send, which would work well with a Happy Nerding OUT to mix that second FX return back into your stereo out. Only four ins, but adding a small submixer (if needed) would fix much of that.