Been looking at starting my own modular rack for a little while. So I've been on here not really knowing what I was doing and then I decided to look up some companies and youtube videos as well as some of my friends on facebook and I came up with this 2 row 104hp setup. It's meant to be something that's sort of a jack of all trades / master of none kind of thing that will keep me occupied and interested while I slowly save up for more modules (after getting the full/partial rack setup) and eventually expand to a nice room with a wall made out of modular synth racks.
Anywho here's the rack: ModularGrid Rack
Just want some feedback and to know I have a good foundation for my modular endeavors.
Thanks Everyone.

I would advise against the Pittsburgh midi module, especially if you're considering syncing modules like Pamela's Workout to it. It only outputs a clock trigger every quarter note, which is not really fast enough to get stable timing from. If you can, something that puts out 24ppq is much more ideal. Ditch the PGH midi, mult and Doepfer divider (not really needed with Pamela in a 6u) and get mutable instrument's Yarns. It's a very capable midi converter with many clock speeds, apps and Euclid patterns, sequencing, etc.

Also be aware that anything Livewire will be very hard if not impossible to come by, as sadly, the owner of that company passed away. There are some people who will be taking over the company and designs, but so far it hasn't materials much.

Otherwise, nice looking system. You have a lot of filtering for just one complex osc, so maybe look at another oscillator in place of one?

Just my opinions though, :)

Thanks for the input man. I was already thinking about ditching the multi and just using stackables but i didn't know that about the midi.
The divider does seem a little much (given what the Pam can do) so i might toss it.
Thanks for the heads up on the Livewire, had no idea. Might have to see if i can snag that one before the rest of them if i see one for sale.

Here's a copy of the rack with a few changes to it (taking out the livewire, multi, midi, and replacing some things)
ModularGrid Rack