Polyend Seq Settings

Tempo 118.5
MIDI Out 1
Each track has a different numbered midi channel out to Poly
Tracks 2, 4, and 8 are off
Frequently using the Roll knob on Track 7 (kick drum) as well as Track 6 (Rings)
Step configuration: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsdkBRIREHjWiroi4G3OsSZ6w3utUQ

Colour Scheme

- MS Pitch to Buff Mult and both Buff Mult Outs
- any cable whose voltage originates from Micro Sequence

- everything from Polyend Poly
- Maths Channel 1 out

- BIA out to Quad VCA and both Cinnamon cables
- any cable whose voltage originates from BIA

- Rings ODD and Quad VCA to Mix 3
- any cable whose voltage originates from Rings

- Peaks OUT1

- Mix3 to Kompressor

- MIDI OUT 1 on Seq to MIDI In on Polyend Poly

Overall, this patch was just ok, and the recording leaves much to be desired. Some ways it could have been better:
- periodic changes in direction, length, scale, and clock rates fed into Micro Sequence
- Filter Cutoff Modulation
- BIA Morph, Harmonic, Spread, and/or Fold Modulation
- Could have added Plaits
- Peaks Drumsynth was somewhat unnecessary