Hi everyone.
This is my first post here and I'm really glad that finally, after many years, I decided start my journey with modular synthesizers. I'm a music producer and live performer since almost 10 years and after all this years in many clubs, raves and festivals with my laptop and midi controllers, I want develop my skills and go deeper with analog synthesis and I want do this with euroracks. I want ask You for some recommendations and some advice how can I start. I know that this is all my choice and everybody's got different perspective, but I would like to hear Your opinion what You'd choose on my place.

As a professional performer my main goal will be to play whole "sets" with my modulars and this is the plan for the future. But I don't have much money so I need to progress from year to year. For now I've got already Arturia Minibrute 2s which I can use also on start I guess. I'm playing mostly music around dark bass music with techno (deep dubstep, dub techno, dark chill). In music I love a lot of space and deepness so I know that I need a lot of effects (reverbs, delays etc.), but this also should be danceable - then system can't be without drum machines which will let me do fat drums and big snares.

My budget for now is around 1000$ and:
1. As I mentioned, I've got already Arturia Minibrute 2s which comes with sequencer.
2. I can use Ableton for everything, what I would not have on the start and change some functions to analog with time and new modules.
3. I need small and portable case. For the start I was thinking on Moog Mother/DFAM cases, couse they are cheap used and I can build small modular with three of them starting from one.
4. Main goal are live performances.

What You can advice, what modules should I check for the beginning before I'll buy anything in Your opinion?

If you're using a Minibrute 2S, why not use the Rackbrute cases? The 6U one comes with power, plus its stand connects to the 2S's frame to provide a fold-up portable situation. You can also, later on, connect two Rackbrute cases to each other in the same manner. Given that you'd get a lot more bang for your buck with these (as they have power + distros already installed, plus they're bigger), those would seem a lot more sensible.