• 2 Sound Sources: Maths CH. 4 (cycling @ audio rate), Basimilus Iteritas Alter (via Maths Channel 1 Unity Output)
  • BIA goes direct out (with Amp CV modulation from Maths OR Output, chose OR because 2hp VCA is not bipolar), while Maths CH. 4 is filtered at Cinnamon then sent to Quad VCA and out
  • Maths modulates BIA Trigger In as well as CH. 4 amplitude cv
  • LFO's from DixieII and Peaks, as well as a Pitch Sequence from Micro Sequence (which is both advanced and receives a separate Gate from Tempi) bring rhythmic and textural variety to Maths CH. 4's amplitude and filter cutoff, as well as to BIA's various timbral parameters

- Used Klevgrand Brusfri to cut down on noise from the modular
- Duplicated the BIA Input, where the duplicate is centre panned and only plays frequencies below 300Hz
- Maths CH. 4 is panned left 20L
- BIA unfiltered is panned right 15R

Micro Sequence Parameters

  • Direction Mode: Skip
  • Gate In Mode: Ratchet
  • Length: 8 steps
  • Scale: Minor
  • Clock: External

Tempi Parameters
- All channels take global tempo from Tempo knob
- CH. 1 1x (sometimes 2x)
- CH. 2 3x

Peaks Parameters

LFO in Split mode
- 2 LFO's, whose shapes and frequencies are displayed simultaneously on the front panel