The title says it all. Can this mixer module also be used as a proper VCA? The specifications say "Voltage control over Level and Panning for all channels" . There's six mono channels en 2 stereo channels, does this mean this can act as 8 VCA's? Or am I not getting it? I'm relatively new to modular, hence the question.

That's what it means, yep. In fact, what you see there is a lot of VCAs, not just the channel levels. The panning is under VCA control, as are your two AUX bus levels. Note, also, that you can sum before the VCAs on the mono strips by using the A+B to mix two incoming audio signals at a unity level. And while the mutes and master don't have VCA automation per se, it's easy enough to 1) send a gate to the VCA per strip and switch the gate on and off for muting, and 2) you can insert a stereo VCA into the main bus insert point and then put the stereo master level under VCA automation that way. Quite an intricate little device...

This seems like one of the most interesting mixers around then. It's a big module but considering it provides 8 channels and 8 vca's + all the extra features + expansion possibilities makes it really worthwhile imo. I think I'll put this in my rack :-)

It's good...but don't neglect some of the other (sometimes smaller, cheaper) performance mixers out there, such as Qu-bit's Mixology, Toppobrillo's Stereomix, KOMA's Poltergeist (quad!), Strange Science's M-4, Xaoc's Praga, ADDAC's 807 system, and Doepfer's A-138 system and its options. Definitely weigh the size vs function options here; if you're working out a smaller build, you might find that going with a similarly-featured 4-in mixer may be a better choice.