Hey! Quick question. I am having trouble matching my pitch of my A-111-2 VCO to other oscillators that I have. I am using a Beats Step Pro to sequence it, and it is not follow pitch very well! Does anyone have any advice for me getting the pitch to follow a typical 1V/oct? My Rings Modular follows the Beats Step Pro fine, so I know the problem lies with the A-111-2 VCO.

How many VCOs are you trying to drive with the same CV? If it's more than three, you might want to look into a buffered mult (if you don't have one). This sounds a bit like a voltage sag issue, and the buffering circuit should clear that up.

Just one so I know it has something to do with the module not following well! On the site for the module it states,

"access to internal bus CV (via jumper, optional, please remove the bus jumper if this feature is not used to avoid unwanted frequency modulation as then the unused CV line of the bus works as a kind of antenna)
LF (manual linear frequency control: fully CW = standard setting for usual VCO applications, fully CCW: close to 0Hz frequency)
works also as a kind of range control for the exponential section but for standard VCO applications with 1V/octave control voltage the LF control should be fully CW"

So it seems there must be something I need to do, like remove the bus jumper, but I am not sure what that means or how to do it.