Hi there!

I recently got a drumbrute impact and a minibrute 2s and I'm now planing to expand it with some modules. I'm a complete noob and I'd like to make sure if this setup makes any sense at all or I'm getting it completely wrong.

I wouldn't get all the modules at once - this modular thing is quite expensive - so I'd buy one at a time starting with the shapeshifter, which I could patch with the minibrute 2s sequencer and VCA. From there I think it makes sense to get more VCAs and envelope generators before getting the erbe-verb, otherwise my patches are going to be very limited.

Does this rack make any sense to expand on the minibrute 2s?

ModularGrid Rack

Yes and no. Like you note, this current build is really limited. I'm presuming you'll be relying solely on the 2S's filter which is...OK, up to a point, but you could try and add something small here. The overall problem you'll be facing in a 3U Rackbrute is space, so going with large widths on your modules is a bad idea. Consider smaller alternatives or, perhaps more sensibly, go with the 6U version which would then open up another 88 hp for additional modules with which you can work in the Rackbrute or use them to alter the 2S's functions. But even then, I still suggest you keep the module sizes small...you want as much functionality as you can get in that tight a cab.

I agree with Lugia— I have a MB 2 and a MB 2S and the 3U rack can feel very limiting. (Currently working with one 6u and one 3u rack now.) Perhaps you might want to try a smaller module like Expert Sleepers Disting which would add a lot of functionality. Also echoing the thoughts regarding filter — adding Polaris to my rack made a lot of new sounds possible. Finally, you may find the clock limiting on the 2S. A small clock divider/multiplier is really handy. 4ms makes a quad clock distributor that would allow you to trigger events at different rates. Good luck!

Hey guys, thanks for the replies,
I'll consider getting the 6U rack, I think it's the sensible choice just in case I need more space in the future. Regarding the modules sizes, I guess the shapeshifter and the erbe-verb are the guilty ones, can you suggest smaller replacements for them?

I've watched a couple of videos about the Expert Sleepers Disting suggested by Laupellim, it seems a very powerful module, however, at this point I'm not sure I would know how to use it or how to patch it with the 2s, there's a lot I still need to learn. Right now I lean towards something that can produce smooth and soft sounds, as the 2s can already pretty harsh.

A lot of the key to that, IMHO, would be in your filter selections. You'll want some LPGs (I suggest Make Noise's Optomix) to add that plucked, woody Buchla-oid sound alongside the 2s's Steiner-Parker-derived VCF. For the other, given space and cost, I doubt you could do better than G-Storm's Tonus VCF, a copy of the tried-and-true ARP 4012 "pre-lawsuit" VCF. And in both cases, you get two-input mixers thrown in for good measure, which cuts out some of the need for mixers for your VCOs.

As for a replacement for the Shapeshifter, you might consider a pair of Mutable's Plaits...two morphable digital VCOs for less than the other, in 24 hp, still saving you 2 hp for something else. And for reverb, look at Purrtronics' Purrvrrb...a mono-to-stereo digital spring (the classic modular reverb) emulator in 8 hp for only $130, then you can also add a delay like the Chronoblob II for $250, giving you stereo reverb and delay in the same space as the Erbe-verb while coming out over $100 ahead.