The name comes from both an edited version of the "House HS" preset on the Waldorf Blofeld, but also a feeling that with this patch i've achieved a new layer of complexity and sonic interest.

Some key components here (some of which having not been used before):
1. KeyStep Sequencer Overdub Recording: where changing tempos of notes inputted changes the tempo on the Tempi (takes KS Gate Out as Leading Tempo)
2. KeyStep varying gate lengths, with interplay between KS gate lengths and Rings Damping length
3. Ears Contact Mic with Blofeld audio in
4. Ears Gate Out (dependent on both key press velocity (because Blofeld interprets it from Keystep), and Blofeld Amp/Filter Envelope values)
5. Disting B4 Clockable Delay/Echo including changing the Z Knob Feedback for different experiences of the delay
6. Tempi, Channels 1 and 2 dictating Disting's Delay Speed (CH. 1) and BIA's Trigger In (CH. 2)
7. Rings in Sympathetic Strings Mode

Blofeld Parameters

Saved into B037 as "Home Improvement" it is an edited version of "House HS", maintains the interval relationships (for now) and basic waveshapes, but the user varies the Filter Env and Amp Env. There is also 50% keytracking on the filter cutoff
- can experiment with applying the LFO at varying speeds to Pitch and/or FM

BIA Parameter Changes

  • musical effects achieved by varying
    Attack (from 12 o'clock to added noise and back),
    Decay (from CCW to a bit, rhythmically),

Tempi Parameters

Uses the default 16 States, except State 1 uses Channel 1 @ 2x multiplication (other 5 channels are 1x as default)