Disting - Used C4 (Clockable Ping Pong (Z Input Pan)) algo instead of B4 and sent only delayed signal out of A and B
Routing - Sent Dry and Delayed signals of both ODD and EVEN Outputs on Rings, for a total of 6 tracks recorded at once (Blofeld Dry, Rings ODD Dry, Rings EVEN Dry, Rings ODD Delayed, Rings EVEN Delayed, and BIA)
Rings - Used Modal Resonator instead of Sympathetic Strings, which didn't turn out terribly interestingly
Ears - Sent GATE Into Mod Input instead of State Select Input, sent ENV into Rings Position & Damping as well as BIA Fold, sent audio OUT into M32 Buff Mult to free up space on ADDAC200B for Rings copies
Tempi - Modded Channels 1, 2, and 3 of State #1 and kept it on State #1 as opposed to last Home Improvement patch
Blofeld - Used B043 Marimboid with a bit of Sustain on the Amp ENV so it was a cross between a percussion and a bowed sound

Colour Scheme






Ableton: Many Firsts

  • Haven't multitracked this many inputs before (6)
  • Used Ableton to clock the KeyStep via MIDI Out from 18i8
  • Used Transient Shaping for most tracks to either add or subtract "front end" from each
  • Grouped Dry and Delayed Rings signals and applied compression and/or EQ to the Group tracks (sometimes in addition to the individual tracks)
  • Panned everything between 35 and 5 away from C