newb here, but a simple question. I already own a eurorack rig, and use expert sleepers as my midi to cv, the ES FH1... im also thinking of build on a 5U rig, either synthtech or moon modular, and wondered if my ES FH1 could be used as my midi to cv for the 5u midi controller, instead of buying a new midi to cv controller in 5u. do the different types of format work on the same principles, or is there a different issue with combining the two. cheers.

The answer to your question is "yes". Given that the vast majority of synth modules these days conform to the 1V/8va scaling standard and positive-going gate/triggers with a nominal +5V, anything that understands those can be driven by anything that creates those. While there are still flukes out there (the Korg MS-20 mini still insists on negative gate/triggers and a Hz/V scaling scheme, and Moog makes use of bipolar CVs), you won't find them lurking in either of those two formats.

Frankly, given that the MU format has a pretty extensive following in of itself, I'm a bit surprised that Expert Sleepers hasn't opted to come out with a repackaging of some of their interfaces in MU format, especially an MU version of the ES-8. Nothing like that exists (aside of using a DC-coupled audio interface) at present, and it feels like a glaring omission.

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The FH1 can serve as an expander to the FH2. The FH2 also has dedicated expansion modules for gates/triggers and CV. If you're integrating with a DAW, that would be the way to go.

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