So, I am new-ish to Eurorack, starting to put together a neat and flexible system. I knew this was going to get pretty out of control quickly, and you’ll see what I mean by that here:

ModularGrid Rack

Hold your horses, as I do have a good grasp of hardware (I think), and I’ve already gotten some great advice here.

Items I am contemplating: ADDAC intuitive quantizer, Intellijel Rainmaker and Jellysquasher, Erica Synth Drone System, pure analog VCOs, such as Erica Synth Black VCO w/ expander, WMD Performance Mixer w/ mutes, T-Wrex Bitcrusher, WMD Geiger Counter.

The style of music I make is mostly Techno, industrial or Berghain style (reverb and delay drenched), with heavy loads of TB-303 and downright old school acid (I’m set on 303’s though).

The one item I am one the fence about is another sequencer. I have all Elektron boxes, a Social Entropy Engine, an MPC live, a Deluge, and soon a Circlone. I’m fairly sure that with the Mutant Brain I am not wanting for another sequencer, but I have this thing about self consistent systems.

This modular is spread over four cases: a dual RackBrute 6U, an Intellijel 7U 104 HP, and an Erica Synth 86HP skiff for the drum modules (like a Techno System light - I LOVE the 909 sounds).

Any really glaring omissions?

That', yeah, kinda out of control, but in all the right ways. As for "glaring omissions", I don't see any, especially with the outboard complement you've listed. The big question I would have regards the physical setup, making sure the right module sets are in the right places so that you can get maximum functionality across the entire rig. That issue,'re going to have to figure that one out, and configure this for your own optimal workflow.

BTW, if you dig the 909 sounds, you know you're gonna need the other electro-ish Roland analog ones. Check Delptronics' LDB-2e and 2x to drop some TR-606/CR-78 tastiness in there with 'em.

Well, it so happens that I do have a vintage 606 around, but will check out the other modules. Always good to have more than one bass drum. Any rimshot/clave you can recommend?

The one thing I was pondering was the Envelope to VCA ratio, given that there ought to be some more envelopes to go around for pitch and filters. So, I think this could benefit from another quad envelope generator. Ideally one with DAHDSR six stage (could do with AHDSR and a slew, I suppose).

Regarding workflow, I totally get that. Hence, I swapped all screws for Befaco Knurlies for easy rearrangement. One of the key criteria was to have the 7U case to be self contained.
So far, I find the patching to work out fine, but I keep changing up things.

I know I could use a few auxiliary modules, buffered multiples and CV modulated attenuverters in particular. I often find myself in need of sending a single gate out to three destinations using Rene.

One question... how do y’all keep the modulations straight? Especially for the effects parameters. There’s so much mind numbing flexibility that I often can’t form a mental picture of the sound scape and it’s just a patch&tweak with trial and error.

That Delptronics has you's got a rim and woodblock, and both have CVable pitch via the LDB-2x. As for DAHDSR, jump over to Ladik's EGs, as they have a number of extended ADSRs there, all cheap, all 4 hp. You could configure something a bit more bespoke with those.

How to keep modulation patches straight? Hmm...well, colored patchcables might be a way, but I sort of rely on the certainty that there's going to be some of Eno's "happy accidents" from time to time. This way, there's always a potential for humanizing error to creep into the process. But that's just me...anyway, you eventually get to a point where all of the patching and crosswiring becomes second nature. You'll know that's happene when, at some point, you'll notice you're simply moving around with the cables and your hands drift to the knobs on instinct. That way, not only do you know you've got the instrument in your head, you'll also know that you've got the configuration right for how you work.

Thanks, Lugia. Helpful as always!

@Lugia I looked at the LDB series and, while that may sound misguided to some, I just can’t abide by those hideous designs. Personally, I find that the visual and haptic experience of interacting with a modular system is a significant component of the fun. Those modules look like they suck (even if they don’t).
I opted for Hexinverter Mutant Rimshot instead. Looks great, sounds even better.
I looked at Ladik and boy do they look ugly as well. Also, not quite the functionality I was hoping for. I guess, if I find I may need more envelopes, I might stick with another Malekko Quad and add a Mini Slew or go for something really orthogonal such as a 1010 Toolbox or a Falistri. I prefer variety in general.

No prob...module UI aesthetics definitely are a stumbling block for a lot of people, myself included. I generally prefer things that are ultra-simple as far as panel markings go and find the efforts by some manufacturers to snazz up the panel design to be kind of intrusive. Others like something that has that sort of marking, shooting for something more cyberpunk-ish. Still others demand their panels all be the same color, for uniformity (especially the MU crowd). So, yeah...I can see how the Ladik stuff might be a visual turn-off, as it really is simplistic and minimal-looking. But then, looking over at my Digisound 80, it's got that same sort of no-frills look, too, so even I fall into that "needs to look like X"-type of conundrum.

The Z4000 is good. I would also recommend a couple of linear envelope generators like the Intellijel Dual ADSR. Stages is good to have but after VCAs, you can never have enough envelope generators.

This is going to be one expensive case. Is this an end-goal or are you going to buy all of it in one go?

I have all but about half the Erica Drums and the 4ms, which are en route. I’ve stopped looking too closely at the sum cost Modulargrid tallies up.
I also need to stop thinking about what else to add. But contemplated how cool it would be to add a simple OSC and another MSCL just for some pumping sub bass with the kick as SC in.

So, right now I’m looking at this as the current “final” setup:

This also exhausts the physical space I have. So, there’s that.
I might just run the three sub-mixers separately into a Unit Audio Micro Unit ASM and then from there into a processing chain of ART TPS-II Tube pre-Amp and VLA-II Vactrol Compressor into an Analog Heat, which always does wonders to the sound. Multiple line out modules might be interesting as well for tracking.

It started with: oh, let’s just add a few unique FX modules... well, that escalated quickly.

There's a very real reason it's called EuroCrack, you know. ;) I'll second the use of the ProVLA-II on this, btw...I have my original one, love it so much that the current upgrading I'm prepping for specs a second one to go with it.

Room for the drum rack

Erica offers their modules in a pre-configured rack for 3700Euros called the "Techno System". Perhaps they will make you a deal on a system minus the modules you already have?

Yeah, maybe.

To be honest, I don’t think I need it. I’m not a fan of Toms and I just pulled the trigger on a Trigger Riot and two Switched Multiples. Hence, I don’t really need the sequencer. I might add the drum sample module at some point, but I feel I’ve got what I want.

I’m interested in the drone system, though.

Updated the layout across a dual 6U RackBrute, an Intellijel 7U, a 6U 84HP Erica case, and two Moog cases 104 and 60 HP this is it: