I tried to compose something working, not a ton of modules thrown at random .... I want to play .. I accept opinions and advice from those who know more that
ModularGrid Rack

Not bad for a basic runthru...now, I'd suggest starting to pare this down. See what you can remove but still arrive at essentially the same sort of functionality. Also, are there modules that allow you to consolidate the functions of several discrete ones in this build into one or two in the next? Can you increase the functional density, but reduce the physical? Start with those questions first.

As for substitutions outright, one I would strongly suggest would be to remove both the Vermona and Doepfer MIDI interfaces and, instead, install an Expert Sleepers FH-2 + the FHX-8 expanders. That drops your MIDI interface footprint from 30 hp down to 16...cutting the space needed by nearly half, while upping the outputs to eight CVs and gates, plus another eight assignable outputs and two inputs, adding internal pattern gens, arpeggiation, and two return channels to allow you to master-clock your DAW from the Eurorack. Now that's what _I'm talkin' about! Keep applying that sort of logic to module choices, and you can almost double what this could be capable of while making it maybe 1/3rd smaller!

I thank you for the advice, but I state that I have no intention of reducing it, indeed, here also missing a 2 row section for 28hp with hotweels and other manual controls, switches etc. .... I put to the left of my next moog 37 CV.
for the speech of reducing the space, mine is a comfort solution ... to not stumble between the cables.
What interests me most is the choice of the modules, if the exponential and the vca linear are correct and sufficient, the mixers as well, if in short the structure works
ModularGrid Rack

And ModularGrid Rack

The majority of your build seems to be Doepfer modules. They are fine. But you can have a lot more functionality from other manufacturers. But I do get your point of keeping things simple (i.e. - one knob one function). You can achieve this with other modules as well.

Pair this system down to as basic of a system as you can to create your first iteration. Then use it. Get to know the modules you're starting with and don't be afraid to modify your end-goal. Using the synthesizer and gaining experience WILL change your outlook and your priorities as you find your "voice", no pun intended.

I will second Lugia's Expert Sleeper recommendation. If you're going to tie your Eurorack to a DAW or other MIDI devices, the FH2 and its expansions will serve you better than what you've put together.

Bottom line is don't go all-in at once. It will be very expensive and you'll probably regret your decision.