How would one go about getting info added to a module?

I've talked with the engineer for the subcon modules, and I have numbers for the power draw for the Vampire, which would be really nice to have while designing racks.


Bump. I was going to make a similar thread. EMW Alias needs the power specs and I found them.

Go to Modules
Find the module in question
Edit the module (upper left corner)
Make changes as necessary

Note: Once the module has the green "manufacturer approved" seal,
regular users can no longer make changes.

Perhaps a weird question but can just any member of ModularGrid add/change information on modules or is it actually supposed to be done by the manufacturers themselves. I would have thought to leave this up to the manufacturers to make sure the module information is accurate?

If there are any ModularGrid rules to add new or update existing modules, then please let me know to make sure I will follow suit.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads

Anyone can create and change module entries. Only the manufacturer can lock ("approved") and thereafter edit modules.

Also, part of the reason MG is able to be so comprehensive is because of the crowdsourcing of its data. Even though some companies understand MG's importance and create their own module listings, the majority of the info here comes from people who know synths and know when they're seeing something new, ergo they add the new data to the site even faster than a company might. For example, I came across listings on Schneider's Laden's site for the four new "N" series modules from Analogue Systems a few days ago, and added the information as per Schneider's.

Which brings up a salient point: if you're going to add information to MG's database, it needs to be from a reliable source. Manufacturers are certainly that, but so are retailers, as they need to properly represent the gear and its information to their customers. What's NOT on is pulling info from speculative sources such as blogs, forums, etc when the info isn't coming from manufacturers to those sites in the first place. There's a long trail of rumored devices, fakes, speculation and conjecture, etc in the synth world and a comprehensive and authoritative database such as Modulargrid isn't the place for that.

Thank you both a lot for the information provided, clear and understood.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to for PDF formatted downloads