Disting - Used B4 (Clockable Delay/Echo) algo and sent only delayed signal out of A and B
Routing - Sent Dry and Delayed signals of both ODD and EVEN Outputs on Rings, for a total of 6 tracks recorded at once (Blofeld Dry, Rings ODD Dry, Rings EVEN Dry, Rings ODD Delayed, Rings EVEN Delayed, and BIA)
Rings - Used Modal Resonator instead of Sympathetic Strings, which didn't turn out terribly interestingly
Ears - Sent GATE Into Mod Input instead of State Select Input, sent ENV into Rings Position & Damping as well as BIA Fold, sent audio OUT into M32 Buff Mult to free up space on ADDAC200B for Rings copies
Tempi - Modded Channels 1, 2, and 3 of State #1 and kept it on State #1 as opposed to last Home Improvement patch
Blofeld - Used B043 Marimboid with a bit of Sustain on the Amp ENV so it was a cross between a percussion and a bowed sound

Colour Scheme






From Feb 9th

Ableton: Many Firsts

Haven't multitracked this many inputs before (6)
Used Ableton to clock the KeyStep via MIDI Out from 18i8
Used Transient Shaping for most tracks to either add or subtract "front end" from each
Grouped Dry and Delayed Rings signals and applied compression and/or EQ to the Group tracks (sometimes in addition to the individual tracks)
Panned everything between 35 and 5 away from C