I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the limit of 8 rows in the planner...

My total setup is larger than this, and I like to put all the modules, then duplicate that, to allocate out to my various racks.

pretty please? :)

PS. I would like to say that this is one of the coolest sites on the net, free too. Amazing work, thanks guys :) :) :)

I want to refer to the thread title and give you a general explanation, why limits are necessary.
Many users asked me why there is such a limit at all.

The main reason for the limitation is to ensure an acceptable server performance and keep the system save.
Without limits the consecutive duplication of huge racks could easily bring the server down.
This can happen without a bad purpose in mind but it also can be used in an attack scenario (This is no fantasy, it happened already).

The main problems:

  1. Heavy SQL processes slow down the server
  2. Database grows non-linear over time and slows down every other query
  3. Screenshot generation needs a lot of RAM
  4. Screenshots will be huge. If people embed those 3MB+ shots in Forums, other users won't be happy to load the thread on their mobile plans.
  5. Also server traffic increases. This will cost money at some point.
  6. The general Planner, SketchAPatch and TrueGrid rely on client side JavaScript. The bigger the rack, the bigger memory consumption, the slower the drag'n'drop performance, etc. This can lead to Browser crashes in extreme cases or on low-end computers like phones and tablets.

I increased the limit for rows and columns many times and I think this is maxed out.
I know many of you guys will find this unacceptable so I am thinking about a solution.

PS. I would like to say that this is one of the coolest sites on the net, free too.
-- gwpt

The keyword here is free.

Will you guys freak out if I introduce some kind of paid account for "Pro" users, which will expand those limits?

This would solve some (but not all) problems and of course would give me some revenue.
What are your thoughts?
Best Knut

8? I can't get anything more than 4!! How do I get to 8?

You need a "Unicorn" Account to make larger systems now. This is a small fee that helps support the site and allows it improve. Well worth it...


I wish the limit were based on HP rather than number of rows. Four rows of 168hp takes up quite a bit more server space than five rows of 84 or 104. I'd like to maybe add a base to my low cost case eventually, and don't feel that 420hp puts me quite into the "really big rack" category (a c-cup at best!). Granted, yeah, I could technically afford to contribute, but I spend so much time fantasizing about these modules that by the time my paychecks arrive, I've already spent them.

I would happily pay for a 5 row 126 HP rack. Happily. PM me your Paypal address, it will be on the way immediately.

edit: I am now a horned pony, nm :)