Hello to everyone, maybe this isn’t the right place to post, but I think I’ll find a buyer more quickly than anywhere else.

For sell 2x Submodular Shadow cases 6U 104hp bought in last August both filled with a TPS80W Max Intellijel power supply.

800 euros the case and is negotiable !

I am located in France near Paris.

Don't hesitate if you want further information.

Hi Alex, you can post your cases in "Marketplace." It's the last item in the menu at the top of the webpage: "Modules. Racks. Patches. My Modular. Forum. MARKETPLACE" I'm not sure on the rules or if there's a minimum number of posts before you can sell... but that's the best place to do it. Take some pictures too!!

Thank you, I’ve done many trades on MG but I’m not selling a module but a case, can’t use the marketplace...

Still there?