I need to get some new stuff to fill the empty space in my little rack. I'm sequencing and mixing externally.
What would you get if it was your rack?
cheers, slindor

ModularGrid Rack

More sound sources:

Piston Honda MKIII
4ms STS
also really nice: Erica Sample Drum (not just for drums!)

I'd ditch that clunky A-143-3 and look into a XAOC Zadar + Batumi combo

You can also ditch the multiples as you can get in line splitters that'll work just fine. If you're sequencing externally, I also don't see a pressing need for a quantizer, especially since you're not using Random sources.

So, it could look something like this:

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks for the advice and the new rack idea.
I allready thought about getting the sample drum or a plaits, but wasn't sure about it.
Other modules i considered where Scanned and the BIA. The Batumi Zadar combo will be the next thing after i get a new soundsource (probably some stackables too) ^^

I only saw one filter, the Wasp? A multi-mode filter would be a nice addition. A Joranalogue filter would fit nicely and leave some HP for a small module or two like an Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4.

The Joranalogue sounds pretty nice. I would feel the need to pair it with a more complex analog vco than my quad vco tho.