I just got a Morphagene but am confused about installation. The pic in the manual has the ribbon going the opposite way to how I think it ought to go on the actual module I have in my hand. Does that make sense? I've taken a photo but can't see any options to attach it to this thread, so hopefully someone knows what I mean.... Any help much appreciated!

Warning: I don't have the Morphagene, and be very careful about attaching the ribbon cable the right way. As far as I can tell from your picture, the side of the ribbon with the "red stripe" is facing the same way on both pictures (it is down). In that case, both ways are equally fine. As long as the side with the "red stripe" goes to the same pins on the module, it doesn't matter if the cable sticks out on the left or right side of the connector. Just make sure to connect the side of the ribbon with the red stripe to the busboard in the right direction (usually the side with the red stripe goes to -12V).

Thanks @mosorenson - That makes sense. Hopefully neither I, nor the module will explode. Here goes....

The standard convention is that the red stripe goes with the -12V pin. Most manufacturers hold this convention. But please note, there are a couple of a-hole outliers that insist on reversing the polarity because... reasons. So on their modules the red stripe goes with +12V. I won't name names but they are huge a-holes.

The first thing to do is to pop open the manual (hard copy or online). The manufacturer will usually explain the pin configurations for power. Now look at the manual for your power supply. Confirm that it matches or you make the correct configuration.

Once you have your modules plugged in (without plugging in the power supply to electricity), stop. Go have a coffee or a cup of tea and come back and confirm your work. Don't screw the modules into your case until you've gone back and confirmed the power ribbons are all the correct way around for the module. It's very easy to plug in your modules. It's even easier to mess up, plug one (or more) in backwards and simply fry hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of kit.

Think of plugging in modules to a power supply like handling a firearm. You slow down and confirm every single step and that you're doing things safely. It's not a difficult thing. But it's the third or fourth time you rearrange your modules that you get careless and fry something.

Here's a video on modules, power supplies, and a-hole manufacturers.