ModularGrid Rack

The new Intellijel Palette case seems like the perfect opportunity to work out my new additional case I want to add.
To my already existing setup. I want to ad a small synth which only focus on playing melodies. The style that I'm aiming for is:

(This clip is really packed with the things I want to achieve with this addition.)

The meaning is only to receive a clock signal from my main synth. As you can see the 2-voice modular will be focussed around 2 noise engineering modules. But I cannot get further than that... First of all a need some CV generation. I tried the Qubit Octone but I will need 1 for each voice which will take up a lot of space. I also thought about the Varigate 4+ but after watching some movies it seems to work better as a drum sequencer. The other options that crossed my mind were the Noise Engineering mimetic digitalis in conjunction with a proper sequencer (disting MK4? , 2hp).... I can't figure it out.

Second, What modulation should I add since this are already complete voices... an ADRS, some LFO's, filters....

Then should I add some audio processing such as the TallDogg uClouds?

I'm really blocked on the start. I hope to have some input from the guys who know more about a wider range from the existing module's so I can get off and fine tune it to my desires. I got a LOT help with my first synth which I enjoi! I hope we can achieve the same here.

Thanks in advance!


Edit: what about the 1U modules?