What is it?

Sketch a Patch is very basic idea to quickly write down a patch you have created to use it later or share it with other users.

Create a new Sketch

To start with a sketch you first have to build a rack with your modules in the planner. After you have added all relevant modules open the Sketch a Patch Drop Down Menu in the secondary navigation of the planner and click on New Patch.
A screenshot of your rack will be generated and you will be redirected to the Sketch a Patch editor.

Draw and remove Cables

Now you simply can double click anywhere on the screenshot to create a new cable.
Drag and Drop the jacks of the cable to the desired positions (that's probably over the socket of a module).
Jacks will NOT snap to sockets, Sketch a Patch is really just a kind of a freehand drawing board.

Double Click on a cable to remove it from the sketch.

Don't forget to save your sketch! (Click on Save Patch)

Add Knob Markers

To mark knob positions switch to Knob Marker Mode via the top left button menu.
If you double click on your sketch a white circle appears you can use to mark knob positions or enabled buttons or anything else you want to point out.
You can freely move the marker via Drag and Drop.
Double click a marker to remove it.

Patch Options

Cable Color System

You can select two available Color Systems for your cables

  1. Doepfer
  2. Stackcable

On Eurorack modulars the color of the patch cable will change in relation to the length of the cable depending on the chosen cable system.


Just for fun. Try it out.

You can save your Patch Options settings

What if my Rack changed?

If you have added or removed a new module to your rack you have to generate a new screenshot for Sketch a Patch in the planner. Else you will always see the old rack screenshot.

To create a new screenshot click on Show->Screenshot in the planner. After that got to the Sketch a Patch Editor and if you still see the old screenshot hit the browser refresh button hard (while holding SHIFT).

Be aware that if you move a lot of modules your older sketches will be all over the place.

Beep, Bopp, Bleep: info@modulargrid.net