Human is paradoxical in a lot of aspects. Altho I am that kind of guy who never leave my flat unless I have to. But I am very interested in portable and self-contained music systems. Maybe that's because I love to make music anywhere in my flat. And maybe also because I love limitations being a user of Propellerheads Rebirth and Nanoloop in my old days of music making.

This little system built in a 64x2 wooden box is capable of not only some sound design, but also dual voice tonal music. White Whale is providing main sequencing, triggering Barton Delaying ARs which can mimic delay effectors. WW is also triggering changes on MengQiMusic Voltage Memory. VM, with its 84 storable pages, 6 outputs and multiple recall modes, is taking care of automatic parameter changes everywhere in the whole system, which is also very playable live-wise. Sound is produced by Verbos Complex Oscillator, which is capable of dual voice, the left side goes to Verbos Dual Four Pole for timber shaping, and the timber of right side is shaped by its on-board waveshaper. The voices can also be modulating each other. Each voice will go to MengQiMusic DPLPG for amplitude control. Finally an AniModule TriAniModule takes care of mixing and amplification, I also got some mono to stereo adapters for using it with a headphone - this is just one of the many ways to use this system.

Now everyone is making music with laptops. So here is my version of a music laptop.