Very odd module, strangely designed, but awefully cool and very useful. You can basically sample anything into it and turn it into a wavetable. It tracks fairly well too, I think I've read over 4 octaves or so. Scanning the wavetables while sequencing is just a blast. Sample some field recordings into this thing, and I swear it's going to produce oscillator sounds that you've never heard your modular produce before. It's lo-fi, of course, but terribly versatile, and it sounds good in my ears. Excellent module. Well worth the little money it costs on the used market.

Does it have the PPG wavetables ???

Have you done any comparisons between the Blacet Miniwave, the Megawave and the Tabula Rasa ??? What's the pros/cons ???

It doesn't come with any waves installed, you need to sample things into it, or load waves into it with this;

Have not compared it to anything, and I doubt it would sound anything like those. It's an odd one, leaning more towards esoteric than recreating the old wavetable synths. I wouldn't get one expecting it to sound like a PPG, it's quite lo-fi, but pretty cool none the less. Check out this thread for some sound demos;

A12bit version of this would be great! But still awesome as it is.

Hi. I am new to the forum and to modular.

I am getting an A-112 for the lo-fi sound and for experimentation.

I have been told that there is a Java programme (replacing the windows 95vesrion!) To allow for midi dumping of samples and wave tables.

Any knowledge of this?



The sample dump application works fine.
Esoteric is the perfect word to describe the module. The initial reaction might be why ? Why use an obsolete sampling technique and awkward ergonomic design ? But then using the module you discover it's sonic qualities. There a very good thread on Muffwiggler that shows what can be done with one or two of these. Good demo by Navs on soundcloud.

Umm -- reminds me of times when I dumped samples from my S612 to my Atari ST via mid cable. Those mini Akai disks were just too expensive and the drive was a ridiculously large 19" unit. That one was 12 bit and gave your samples a noisy decay but good fun nevertheless. All the more for its analog velocity sensitive filter. Used to play my own percussuion samples with it by way of a first gen Octapad that had terribly laggy midi processing and made you play behind the beat. Those were the days.