Hello Modulars,

This is my first modular rack. I have a fair amount of CV/Gate gear as well as MIDI to CV/Gate controllers that I want to integrate with it: FutureRetro XS, Sherman Filterbank, SCI Pro One, SCI Prophet 5 w/midi, Moog Minitaur, as well as two Lexicon Primetime Delays with CV/Gate I/O. I intend to use Grids as a drum sequencer with trigger outs going to either an Alesis DM Pro or DDrums module. Can record those as audio and then swap out samples in my DAW (Nuendo/Cubase, using Slate Trigger). I intend to use most of the rack as another synth, basically, and particularly looking to mix oscillators, and also use the Quad LFO for various purposes. I'm new to this....although I'm not really a "noob". I've been an audio engineer and producer for about 15 years, mostly in underground rock and some electronic. Now looking to get more into electronic, but with a pop sensibility.

I'm wondering about adding a few routing modules and maybe a clock module that will hook up the PSU of my Pittsburgh can 90, but will stay outside the main rack and be fit into a half rack space box, along with the Minitaur. There are two power rails and the smaller one should be able to run outside the case. Is this legit? I don't want to take up too much space, as I've got a lot of analog gear.

Any opinions please would be most welcome! Any thoughts on a 4hp module that would be useful in this set up, or possibly a swap out to make space for a larger module that would cover the territory of something currently in the rack? Maybe more routing? I'm cool with using stackables. But there are atleast 3 mixers already in the rack - to juggle in various ways. And also 2-3 VCAs. The Grids trigger outs will just do there own thing, but I'd like to use the LFOs as control.